The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Cycling Lingo

Why you should take the bike more often Cogs, clinchers, and more—demystified. Heres a quick guide to bike parts, repair, and lingo.

How Cool is this Clock made From Used Bike Parts? More bike art with up-cycled bike parts

This photo provided by Phillips Collection shows The Bicycle Collection, created by upcycling discarded bicycle rims, pedals and frames. The result are rustic yet sophisticated designs that are instantly recognizable as repurposed. The Bicycle Screen

Clocks, Tables and Chairs Built From Old Bike Parts

Upcycle old bike parts- almost like a skull rack- but a bike's bar and seat as a current bike rack. Looks great on its own or with a bike hanging from it. Would be a cool gift too!

I Reuse Old Bicycle Parts To Make Unique Lamps

I am a London-born artist and designer based in Berlin, where I was inspired to build a series of upcycled lamps made of old dejected bicycles parts.