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Mom & Daughter Do The "Afro Dance" - TOO CUTE!

Here is a super cute video of a mom having fun with her daughter and at the same time teaching her to love her natural hair. All to the tune of Afro-Dance by Les Nubians.

20 Photos of Adorable Little Black Girls That Will Set Your Ovaries on Fire

*Beginning Ballet: Ages Baby Ballet: Ages Middle Ballet: Ages New! Teen Ballet: Ages Creative Movement: Ages (more info. below) Ballet is the foundation.

Kid layered fall fashion. Long grey trench coat, black beanie, black yes and jeans with adidas

Long grey trench coat, black beanie, black yes and jeans with adidas Tap the link now to find the hottest products for your baby!

Se alguma vez você se aproxima ESTUDIO, sem ser convidado, com um pente e uma escova na mão - você vai ter este olhar. Meu conselho a você é abaixar seu olhar, colocou o pente e escova, em seguida, recuar lentamente.

Why Does Hair Texture Change Throughout Life?

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Poor Baby: Learning How To Maintain Your Child’s Hair When It’s Nothing Like Your Own…

Mini blogger denim outfit

Spring Denim

classic urban kid street style with ripped jeans, crew neck tee, black leather jacket and converse

PINteresting Pictures: Beautiful Black Babies (114 photos).

This reminds me of the little girl I baby sat when I was in college. It brings a smile to my face!