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My great great and great great great grandfather's were blacksmith's both named George Stevenson

Fig. 19. Smith's tools.

The tools illustrated in Fig. 19 are some of those that are used in the forging of metals. Description of Fig.

Beginner blacksmith tong set

This set includes a pair of pick up tongs . Which hold chisels , flat stock and are great for fishing stock out of the fire . One pair of scrolling tongs referr

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Jakob Faram makes some amazing tools. ______________ Some more tools. cross peen from small hot cut from and two different kinds of square drifts from Made by Jakob Faram

Gs4 Security: Blacksmithing Tools

Fullering Tool - Homemade fullering tool constructed from a bar of steel with steel rod welded at the ends.

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Blacksmithing Tools That Are Essential For The Basics

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Blacksmiths Guillotine Tool 1&1/4" Hardie Hole (Smithing Magician, Blacksmiths Helper Tool) By Ozo Tools

Blacksmiths Guillotine Tool Hardie Hole (Smithing Magician, Blacksmiths Helper Tool) By Ozo Tools