Blacked out Matte BMW i8/ honestly this is the sexiest car out there it's so beautiful

Blacked out Matte BMW honestly this is the sexiest car out there it's so beautiful. BMW Fastest Cars in the World

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The Electric BMW i8

Black on Black BMW - Courtesy of by luxurylifestylemagazine

Este coche me llama la atención porque es una nueva gama y tiene muchas características que le gusta a toda clase de personas.

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Saw one yesterday on Parc but white, didn't like the colour but sounded amazing and love the look!

10 Amazing Car Technologies That Will Shape the Future

BMW Mixed feelings about this.wish Mercedes made an electric car!

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"The Ultimate Driving Machine" is one of those timeless phrases that ad execs… Mysnooper

I 8 with blue rims

Fresh wheels on the 👀 (via chris_leonor on IG)

BMW i8

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