When girls hug vs. When guys hug. Mostly true. But with my friends...it's more of the second one...

When girls hug vs. When guys hug.

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Taking your shirt off....boys versus girls

PART 83 (Whoo one of my favorite shows is coming back soon!)

Girls are tougher than boys

The only thing I don't lie about this is the nail polish comment, that just seems to ruin the post all together. Also, do not confuse that this is saying girls are stronger than boys, strength differs strictly by person and not gender.

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guys fact vs girls fact, I'm gonna have to say I like the girls side because mostly we can tell when someone's lying so yea boys. Watch it lol but not always watching if you are lying tho.

OK Ive seen this a few times and I do have to agree with this statement HOWEVER, has anyone else thought that the girl on the top was Justin Bieber or is that just me?

Boys vs. Girls…

Funny pictures about Boys vs. Oh, and cool pics about Boys vs. Also, Boys vs.

XD. I like the 'that's what girls do' comment! I'm dying

When we do the hug

"Well that's what girls do" also glad I'm not the only one measuring in calculators

Boys vs girls, funny rage comic. Too true. Though dads should protect their sons equally as much as their daughters. lol XD

Difference between boys and girls funny boys girls boyfriend girlfriend meme lol dad funny quote funny quotes comedy humor humor quotes funny pictures lmao funny stuff. That's soooo true for us girls

Adults Who Have to Work for a Living: First Day of Snow: "FML I have to drive in this shit"

Winter: boys vs. girls…

Every time we meet it's like a soft porn. Every time.

Every time we meet it's like a soft porn. Every time.

I think you would really enjoy Sarah Andersen's comics. Or possibly I have the case of the giggles because it's really late.