I seriously want to cry when I remember that I can't marry Brad Pitt... :'(

Troy - Brad Pitt (all I have to say is butt scene in this movie is amazing ❤)

Brad Pitt Troy | brad pitt workout legs troy achilles

Attract handsome guys like Brad Pitt when you wear your sexy gladiator high heels. Here are gladiator high heel choices for you.

Not putting Brad Pitt as Achilles from the movie Troy would just be a disservice to the board itself.

Brad Pitt: Troy was a gay man in history - Brad Pitt, Gay Rights Advocate

Brad Pitt - Troy -

Brad Pitt in troy - with him, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom - definitely eye candy!

Brad Pitt as Achilles, Troy (2004)

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On location - Brad Pitt as Achilles in "Troy".not the facelift kinda guy.

Woo hoo! I love leather-clad warriors!

The Troy Men: Eric Bana, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom. The only reason I watched this movie. 3 of the sexiest men of all time ! Eric bana is so underrated !

Brad Pitt in Troy                                                       …

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