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Bullmastiff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Who knew Bob Dylan had a bullmastiff?

Bull Mastiff; so hard to image she was ever this size (although she still acts like she is this size!)

Mastiff - Courageous and Good Natured

Wish I had the room to be able to have an English Mastiff... Who doesn't want a giant teddy bear?

Old English Mastiff puppy, this is what i want so bad. but i'm afraid he might destroy the house

28 Beautiful Dog Pictures--it looks just like Bernie

28 Beautiful Dog Pictures

This puppy is adorable. A Boerboel, a mastiff breed from South Africa.

Bull mastiff

35 Animals Hanging Out With Miniature Versions Of Themselves

Funny pictures about Bullmastiff puppy. Oh, and cool pics about Bullmastiff puppy. Also, Bullmastiff puppy photos.

My favorite breed the Bull Mastiff CKC registered and available in Montreal Canada    http://dogculture.net/puppies-for-sale/ckc-bullmastiff-puppies-870.htm

I think iv finally settled on the next family member the brantleys will welcome a big dog next and hopefully it wil be a bullmastiff

English Mastiff Puppy at 14 weeks and 50 lbs....

English Mastiff Puppy at 14 weeks and 50 lbs. when I can pay for all that food! - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!