Old Butcher Block~this for both the butcher block AND the chef's table?  Like the metal legs

Pipe leg table, round feet, lower end cross bar, without center bar if possible, reclaimed butcher block.

Boulder Creek Natural Butcher Block Island

Boulder Creek Natural Butcher Block Island - Overstock™ Shopping - Big Discounts on Bradley Brand Furniture Butcher Blocks

Movable butcher block kitchen island with drawer and shelf

Movable butcher block kitchen island with drawer and shelf- I want something similar to this for kneading bread.

| Butcher Block Countertops, Part I | http://lovethetompkins.com

We are finally in the homestretch of installing our butcher block counter tops and I’m am so excited to share with you what we’ve accomplished so far! I know some of you have been follo…

This butcher block looks awesome!  I'm trying to figure out the best way to use my grandfather's butcher block that he used for many years in his grocery store.  However, his does not look this nice.  It is old/worn wood and it is not as flat as this one.  Should I sand down the deep edges to make it more flat and stain it? Or just leave it in it's antique shape? @Sheila Baker @Tia Hiles

House Crashing: Lovely & Light

How to clean and reseal an old butcher block!  Just in case anyone else needs this info!  @Sheila Baker, I found it!

How to Sterilize an Antique Butcher Block Table

Butcher block tables can last for years in an active butcher shop or restaurant. Antique butcher block tables have a rich patina and wear marks that makes them attractive for.

ANDIAMO: diy butcher block island countertop

This project has been waiting in the wings not so patiently for the entirety of our living here. Most definitely lo.