Glitter and Nails: California Dreamin'. Gradient & Palmiers

California Dreamin'. Gradient & Palmiers

Nailpolis Museum of Nail Art | Dreaming of summer  by Massiel Pena

Do you want to bring in the summer sunset with you? If you want to, then this nail art design is perfect for you. Salmon and yellow orange hues combined to reveal a sunset-ish gradient is coated over your nails. Topped with black silhouettes of coconut tr

Banana Leaf Nail Art / Her Majesty's Pleasure

If you dream it, we'll do it! Our amazing nail artists can bring just about any image to life on your nails with our new "cartoon nails" look.

Nail art

LOVE palm trees my sister told me a joke, " why did the boy put soil in his hand? To grow a palm tree!

Cool In California - Orly polish

Wow time flies since the last time I posted! The holidays kept me busy and now I’m embarking on a new time suck that will keep me away for a little while longer.

Don’t want to be too flashy? Glitter nails can also be subtle. Just stick with neutrals. | 18 Radiant Ways To Get Your Glitter Mani On

18 Radiant Ways To Get Your Glitter Mani On

Looking for new nail art ideas for your short nails recently? These are awesome designs you can realistically accomplish–or at least ideas you can modify for your own nails! Chic and fun nail art aren’t just reserved for long nails, we guarantee it!