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Looking for some cool and fun and trendy braided hairstyles? Have a look at our collection of stylish braids and rock this season.

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15 Gorgeous Beach Hair Ideas for Summer

Simple Hairstyles for Camping | 9 Ways to Look Good While Camping, check it out at

9 Ways To Look Good While Camping

Want to learn how to glamp like Tom Haverford? We've got the best beauty tips on how to look and feel good on your next camping trip.

Getting cute and creative hair in the morning can be seemingly impossible when you’re a girl on the go. Don’t worry…that’s where we come in! Here are 11 super cute and easy hairstyles to whip up the next time you’re out of ideas and in a hurry!

11 Super Cute and Easy Hair Tutorials for the Girl on the Go

Hello, girls! No matter where you go, you love barefoot? You think you can’t live without music? Or you always love fresh and breeze dresses? If you say yes to all these, you are a boho style. You are lucky to find out the post. Prettydesigns will bring you so many hair tutorials about boho …

10 Boho Hair Tutorial for the Season