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How to Make a Bell Tent | DIY Projects

CanvasCamp Sibley 500 Ultimate Pro - Cotton Canvas Bell Tent for Camping or Glamping

See what it will take to live in an off grid tent if you are ever forced to. Living in confines of home is comfortable and easy. While on camping you get t

Living in an Off Grid Tent Homesteading - The Homestead Survival .Com Please Share This Pin

Colorado Yurt Company: handcrafted outfitter and platform canvas wall tents--great tents for camping and other long-term shelter options

This is an awesome idea for building a reusable camp tent site on your own lot…

DIY Canvas Summer Tent (or for the back yard camping trip, maybe??)

Enjoy the warmth of summer and learn to pitch a homemade tent. Instructions in pdf format.- this looks just like a pavilion tent!

I found a cute idea for cat lovers, how to make a cat tent for your sweet kitty. All you need is a piece of cardboard, a canvas with a pattern you like (or you can ask the cat if she/he likes it&nb…

Easy DIY Cat Tent

♥ Small Pet DIY ♥ DIY House for Cat or small dog or make it small enough for any of your pet rodents. Love rats and all!

diy canopy with pvc piping too look like this.

📌 DIY canopy with PVC piping. 📌 I purchased a canopy from WalMart. 📌 Bought enough PVC to make a frame similar to this. The legs further from the house are a bit shorter to allow rain or snow runoff

PVC Canopy tent  Frame Plan | TENT FRAME ANGLE JOINT KITS – Wall tents | Canvas Tents | Canvas

Wall tent frame is the easiest and quickest kwik kamp wall tent frame to assemble. And most importantly, internal kwik kamp wall tent frames provides the most roof support for heavy snow loads. Wall tent frames are available in steel and aluminum.

Stenciled Cavas Tent at Peacock Pavilions

Stenciling canvas fabric for an amazing Moroccan dining tent at Peacock Pavilions. Also, stencilled paper placemats

Who's up for camping in the backyard? @themerrythought made a #DIY Canvas Tent. /ES

DIY Canvas Tent

Nicht wirklich "Einrichtung" - ist aber hammer!

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