easter eggs (A Hungarian artist , Csuhaj Tunde was born in 1954, she graduated studies in ceramics at the University of the Arts , Pecs, Hungary. Since 1990, she has decorated geese, swan, emu, rhea and ostrich eggs and has produced astonishing Easter eggs. Her techniques are mainly etching, drilling and painting.)

Rhea eggs have a hard, shiny, dye resistant outer layer like ostriches that needs to be removed.


Sarah Pinyan posted Very delicate eggshell carving to her -nice signs- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

some new carved goose eggs by peregrin71.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Artist Piotr Bockenheim Puts Your Easter Egg Decorating to Shame with His Intricately Carved Goose Shells

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How to Carve Egg Shells

Across the world, millions of people celebrate Easter in a variety of ways. One common component of this festive holiday is the ornate Easter egg. Originally, chicken eggs were stained in red as a cultural symbol—a practice that dates back centuries, to early Christian communities in Mesopotamia. In modern times, this tradition has lived on and taken new, artistic forms. Egg art has evolved into something separate from religious rituals, proving to be a new form of creative expression…

35 Creative Designs That Turn Ordinary Eggs into Eggs-traordinary Art

Artist Beth Ann Magnuson gathers eggs from her neighboring farms in rural Bishop Hill, Illinois, to create these "Victorian Lace Eggs." After emptying the shell of its contents, the former flower-farmer hand sketches the lace pattern on.