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Celtic Band Tattoo

Celtic Armband tattoos are made of sinuous lines that have beginning or end and intricately interweaves to form a complete cycle.

The Celtics believed that all important things in life came in threes:  such as birth, death and rebirth or the celtic band tattoo, the body, should and…

Here's a little bit of Celtic (?) knotwork, a band with a repeatable pattern. Celtic armband tattoo d.

Flash - Celtic Bands 1 Line by sidneyeileen on deviantART

Lineart for a Celtic knotwork tattoo flash sheet I made back in micron pen on paper Colored version is here: [link] To view the full set . Flash - Celtic Bands 1 Line

Serch Bythol; This Celtic symbol of everlasting love is formed by two triskeles. Each triskeles has three knots (three points), denote the three aspects of a person, body, mind and soul. Triskeles two, joined together, show a circle. The circle represents the eternal love, life or eternity. Thus the figure represents two people, joined in body, mind, and soul in eternal love.

simbolos celtas significados.

The serch bythol is the celtic sign for everlasting love. It signifies the joining of two to make one, hence the lighter and darker sides. It's two celtic trinity symbols.