i have visited paris (here and more recently here) and the south of france (here), but have never ventured to the champagne area! after a few days in paris, we took a short 45 minute train ride to rei

Long Weekend in Champagne, France

Ilove champagne, i want to go! Less than a two-hour drive from Paris lies the near-mythical French region of Champagne, a bucket-list destination for wine lovers.

Quintessentially French: Visiting Champagne Cellars in Epernay and Reims

Champagne region, France, offers taste for more than a bottle of bubbly

Visit the Champagne region France, and you'll discover so much more to its wines than can ever be released by the satisfying "POP!" of a cork.

A Private Champagne Tour In France: 7 Tips To Know Before You Go

10 Things you should do in Reims, France.

Visiting France soon? Don't miss out on the beautiful city of Reims in the North-East! Here are 10 things to do when visiting the area!

Champagne: 9 Reasons to Visit this Region in France

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New Hot Spots in Champagne, France

Chateau Les Crayeres, Reims, France I was lucky enough to sleep off a Dom Perignon hangover (Champagne was the night before!) in a beautiful toile room there.

Comparing France's 10 Largest Champagne Houses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Champagne wine route: top 10 guide

In the first of a new series on wine routes in Europe, John Brunton explores the Champagne region, skipping the famous vineyards in favour of small, independent cellars, staying at winemakers' B&Bs…

The Best Tour: Veuve Clicquot Champagne Cellar

Moet and Chandon tour Epernay - visit the underground caves !

Amazing underground caves full of French Champagne! Don't miss doing this tour if you are i the French Champagne region.

A taste of bubbly: Touring the Champagne vineyards

Get an insight into Champagne with tours and tastings at some of the more small-scale boutique bubbly producers around Reims in France.

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Conni shares one of the best day trips for champagne tasting in Reims, France.

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