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You play football? That’s cute. We throw 100 pound girls and you throw 2 pound footballs. Oh, and we actually catch ours. back off football players we bite

Never thought i would say this but this quote is true.. now that i joined cheer i love it

Fr like i love cheer so much, im do glad i decided to join cheer in preschool.

We may have only one chance to nail this routine  But we have millions of chances to make up for mistakes

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This quote is on the back of one of our cheer shirts except it says " Keep your head high, your bow higher, and your stunt the highest!"

It's All About the Bow

This quote is on the back of one of our cheer shirts except it says " Keep your head high, your bow higher, and your stunt the highest!"<<<<< THIS IS PERFECT

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im a flyer and i have kicked people in the face before but they never get mad. i have also been a base and got kicked in the face as long as the flyer gets catched and is okay then i dont care!

Quotes: that change ur input on how flyers are so important in the cheer world and how easily they can get hurt

★ Flyers Are Like iPhones. They're Good Looking, They Do Cool Things, & When You Drop Them, You Have A Mini Heart Attack & Hope They Aren't Broken ★

This just might be our fiercest bow: http://www.omnicheer.com/Hair-Bows-Ribbons/Performance-Bows/Chass-Jumbo-Metallic-Zebra-Hair-Bow.axd

this is me cant wait to sighn up for a cheer gym I live in England so it is pretty hard to find a allstar one x Cheer Leading

literally, you can say anything and I'm like "okay" but the minute you say cheerleading isn't a sport, is the minute you will get attacked by an angry mob of cheerleaders.

that's so me you say anything you want i don't get insulted but you say anything bad about cheer-leading and a BIT*H will die tonight.