Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton beam at the White House - before their affair was exposed in 1998 (...good times)
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"Big  CIGAR  BILL"  IS  Tossin' O under the Bus in Prepping for 2016   HILLBILLY  RUN! - Patriot UpdatePatriot Update
Even Bill Clinton knows that.
Bill Clinton
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Aparently, Bill Clinton asked Sizemore for Hurley’s number during his visit to the white house for a private screening of the Saving Private Ryan. Description from I searched for this on
Bill Clinton
Juste au moment où Hillary Clinton semblait être en passe de remporter l’élection présidentielle américaine de 2016, le FBI vient de changer la donne avec ses dernières révélations. Vendredi, James Comey, le directeur du FBI vient d’annoncer que son agence...
It's time for everybody to know the truth about ALL his victims!
Bill Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders Of Living In A 'Hermetically Sealed Box'