Steve McQueen pendant le tournage de <i>Bullitt</i> en 1968, au côté de sa Ford Mustang GT 390.

La police pourrait stopper à distance vos voitures

grace kelly--never saw this photograph before this pin-her face stunned me in Rear Window.  (can't say that about many people)

Grace Kelly photography black and white boat photo blackandwhite beauty pinup model classic grace kelly

Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn, Audrey

Film posters - Audrey Hepburn posters - Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffanys poster featuring the famous image from Breakfast At Tiffanys with Audrey Hepburn and Cigarello. Officially licensed Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffanys poster

Cary Grant

A man with style Cary Grant was an English-born American film and stage actor. Known for his transatlantic accent, debonair demeanor and "dashing good looks", Grant is considered one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men.

Grace Kelly

Grace Patricia Kelly was an American film actress and Princess of Monaco as the wife of Prince Rainier III, and all around stunning beauty icon

Charles Spencer Chaplin, dit Charlie Chaplin né 16 avril 1889, était un acteur, un réalisateur et un scénariste britannique qui devint une icône du cinéma muet grâce à son personnage de Charlot. Durant sa carrière de plus de 65 ans, il joua dans plus de 80 films et sa vie publique et privée a fait l'objet d'adulation comme de controverses.

Charlie Chaplin, April 1889 – 25 December was a British comic actor and filmmaker who rose to fame in the silent era. Chaplin, a worldwide icon is considered one of the most important figures of the film industry.



Necklines were lowered while torsos were sensuously molded beneath squared shoulders. Dress waists returned to the natural waistline. Constance Bennett 1935 - Photo by George Hurrell

Grace Kelly and Louis Armstrong on the set of High Society.

Louis “Satchmo" Armstrong blowing his trumpet while Grace Kelly looks on in a photograph from the set of the MGM motion picture “High Society." Louis Armstrong and Grace Kelly both featured along with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Celeste Holm.

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Grands espaces

Steve McQueen aka the King Of Cool, developed his rebellious persona at the height of the Vietname counterculture.