Brilliant Blue Countertop Perfection! More from Jody Gott in New Iberia, LA and Direct Colors Premium Blue Concrete Colors!

Premium Blue Concrete Pigment -

Beat the Summer Heat with Cool Blue Concrete Countertops! Brilliant Blue Concrete Pigment and Acid Stains for Countertops. See Everything Blue Direct Colors Offers for Countertop Color!

Since just about any pigment can be added to the mix, the possibilities are endless. In addition to limitless color choices, it can be poured into just about any shape, troweled to any texture, and given any edge profile, so it looks at home in a wide variety of spaces. And because each countertop is handcrafted, it has an artisanal quality that other manufactured materials lack.

Concrete's Changing Colors

Concrete counters: A behind-the-scenes building material turns into a kitchen star. Here's a look at how a concrete counter is made.

Stained concrete floor color. I've never heard of this until just recently, but that seems like an awesome way to make a concrete floor less drab and cold-looking.

Stained Polished Concrete Color Chart

We are a stained concrete staining company serving all of Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Missouri. View our stained concrete color chart.

use latex paint to tint boring cement to produce unique and colorful concrete

How to Tint Concrete Using Latex Paint

How to Tint Concrete Using Latex Paint thumbnail - eHow (evidently makes the concrete a little stronger also). There was no photo of the finished product so not sure of the depth of the color.

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Gallery of KAIROS / João Quintela + Tim Simon - 9

KAIROS / João Quintela + Tim Simon Attention to detail I guess the idea was that the stair can be a part of building skin. For that, the architect made new type of stair. Actually the stair does not exist itself.

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7 Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling

Kemiko Stained Concrete Colors - like this color palette best. Maybe mix Vintage Umber and Golden Wheat???

Kitchen: black stain Kemiko stain color( tortoise shell black with brown marbling) LOVE This is the concrete counter that we want with the rustic barn wood floor

wall texture types #Ceiling Texture Types (wall interior decor) #WallTexture

15 Fresh Drywall Ceiling Texture Types for your Interior

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Color Palette #2778 (Color Palette Ideas)