okay, there's definitely something about the color that catches the eye.

Erin Ashley: Reasonably Priced Contemporary Art

Love the colors and texture in this abstract piece. Inspiration to paint! Casa Marina by Erin Ashley.

'Borderline (new territory)' series by Kaspar Sonne. Although details for this specific art peice is hard to find, I used his other works in the series to help me understand his art. Sonne sets his canvases on fire through controlled burns. He finds the relationship between fire and art similar to his home country, Denmark's, 12 part system where it's all about negotiation, definitely unlike America.

Kasper Sonne Borderline (new territory) No. 2012 Industrial Paint, Fire and Water on Canvas

daniel ramos obregon

by Colombian designer daniel ramos obregón - a collection of hand crafted porcelain body casts, gold plated brass metal frames that encompass the body, hand turned Colombian kingwood handles, and vegetable-tanned leather harnesses.

Anne R. Parker: Gradations (from Lindly)

Anne R. Parker Contemporary Art Quilter Would be interesting to use with ombré fabric I have

Holy crap I thought this was all pen and pencil!! ITS THREAD AND FABRIC!! I love people!! Great Work these homes definitely give me the feeling I have at the beach!

stephanie k. clark (The Jealous Curator)

embroidered dwellings by American artist Stephanie K. Clark - seen on The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// stephanie k.

Canyon Road Contemporary David  Mensing All Known

David Mensing is a impasto landscape artist painting Southwestern and Western oil paintings at Canyon Road Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What is Contemporary Art Definition Shepard Fairey

Art History: What is Contemporary Art?

In this piece, we answer the question: what is contemporary art? To come up with a contemporary art definition, we look at the movements that compose it.

Bath by Susana Alonso

Contemporary Art - What is Contemporary Art

Bath-by-Susana-Alonso-Fine-Art-Print-Mermaid-Old-school-Tattoo-Nude-Artwork-Tub I would like to do something like this for a Pin~Up Shoot :)

What is Contemporary Art?

Learn the Definition of Contemporary Art, Works Created Contemporarily

by marlieswirth / curator ™: the glass is definitely full #hellomonday #hermannczech #distressedleather #bench #black #bistrotable #vintage #designfavhermannczech,designfav,distressedleather,bistrotable,black,hellomonday,bench,vintage.  location: MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art. date: 1516620786

by marlieswirth / curator ™: the glass is definitely full #hellomonday #hermannczech #distressedleather #bench #black #bistrotable #vintage #designfavhermannczech,designfav,distressedleather,bistrotable,black,hellomonday,bench,vintage. location: MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art. date: 1516620786

Ge Feng Artist

Contemporary Art - What is Contemporary Art

Ge Feng posters: Barcode Girl poster by Chinese artist Ge Feng. The poster features a line drawing of a girl where the end of a barcode appears as the dress she is wearing.

JAMES RIZZI http://www.widewalls.ch/artist/james-rizzi/ #contemporary #art #popart

James Rizzi obituary

This bit of architectural awesomeness is the “Happy Rizzi House” located in Braunschweig, Germany. It was created by Pop artist James Rizzi who, we are very sorry to report, passed away on December at the age of

96. While this is not a store, but a contemporary art gallery named Oriel Mostyn Gallery. For this specific illustration artist Andy Singlet...

100+ Christmas Window Display Ideas - Part #1