Wacky instruments - for some reason the piccolo trombone made me laugh really hard

whenever i go to parades. i see someone playing a mellophone i feel like i found a long lost relative. who also has to explain to everyone what they play.

I'm not so sure this is a problem though! ---->it's not supposed to be, does nobody notice that the 'blem' part of 'problem' has been crossed out, making it a music pro?

A subcontrabass Saxophone.  Wow...heard of it, never seen one.  Incredible.

The Tubax Bb subcontrabass saxophone by Benedikt Eppelsheim Wind Instruments, Munich. 1 octave below the bass saxophone. Same fingering as modern saxophone.

J'Elle Stainer subcontrabass saxophone, Attilio Berni, saxophone player

sub contra saxophone! It's like the pug version of a saxophone.all pudgy and stocky

Bass Saxophone - didn't fit in home studio? HUMOR PIC by #cSw:)  has become a MOST POPULAR RE-PIN, - as we smile at the humor of this man struggling to be physically fit as he holds on to his musical instrument & simultaneously plays music with skill! Quite a double task!

“ illogicalhumanoid: “ brickiestsurgeon: “ “ the contrabass saxophone is such an absurd instrument ” talk dirty to me ” Have ya’ll seen the double contrabass flute.

Member, Jay C. Easton is skilled on an array of woodwind instruments from around the world and across the centuries, including the gargantuan contrabass saxophone. He is one of the few musicians in the world to perform on the entire saxophone and clarinet families.

At a height of between six and seven feet tall and weighing around 45 pounds, the contrabass sax plays like a woodwind but is handled and sounds like some of the heavier members of the brass family. The 10 Largest Instruments Ever - Mandatory

Double Subcontrabass Saxophone | ELLE STAINER Double Bb SUB-CONTRABASS SAXOPHONE

Check this out! This is a contrabass saxophone. Its too heavy to even play without a stool. Imagine lugging this baby around.

How LOW can you go? Contrabass sax. Largest sax. Titan of all saxes.

Scott Robinson and a contrabass saxophone. I'd call it a contrabass "sax" but an instrument the size of Godzilla should not be abbreviated!

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I got French can't get near any instruments I wanna play without being under 13 wtf!<<< I'm sorry but, French horns are awesome! It's a beautiful looking and sounding instrument!

Smooth Criminal - Alto / Contrabass Saxophone Duet

Smooth Criminal - Alto / Contrabass Saxophone Duet