Corgi Aussie mix. cute!

These Adorable Puppies Cross-Bred With Corgis Are Too Cute For Words Corgi + Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

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Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

Ridiculously cute hybrid corgi breeds you never knew existed. And now I want a Corgi/Chihuahua mix or a Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix

Corgi Mixes - Corgi Sheltie Mix - Pictures & Information on the Corgi Cross Breed

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

Thanks to ronstew for the alert – the ADORABLE piebald blue merle cardigan corgi puppy on the right? Her name is Ella of Origami Corgi. AND is being bred to have corgi puppies!

New puppy Augustus, a Corgi and mini Australian Shepherd mix is practically as cute as a button, if not cuter.

Mini Australian Shepherd + Pembroke Corgi = Augi ----- omg my DREAM dog! Seriously I want one!

Australian Shepherd and Corgi mix. i guess im going to have a lota doggies one…