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Most girls want a guy who would hold an umbrella over their head and carry them over puddles I want a guy who would steal my umbrella jump in the puddles just to splash me and kiss me before I could yell at him

love this name for a baby boy also

Rustic Country Baby Names - Meanings and Origins

10 reasons why ladies love country boys. I may not be a cowgirl or know the first thing about farming but I have a fine appreciation for COWBOYS, COUNTRY MUSIC, and TRUCKS.

10 Reasons Why Ladies Love The Country Boy

Would LOVE 2 boys.

Big Red Truck with .Little country boys :) Would be a cute pic for my boys!

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Most girls want a prince charming but what I want is a truck driving, boot wearing, southern rooted, sweet hearted country boy♥

Train Bedroom Ideas. I love blue & white for a boys room & the train theme is cute. M loves trains!

DIY Train Bedroom for Kids

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I love country boys.

This is what my wife tells her friends all the time.Keep your pretty city boys. I'd rather have my redneck country boy any day…