Reading Hebert's article about gifted males reminded me how our society hailed characters played by John Wayne because is defined masculinity as tough, gun-slinging, no-nonsense, types. Very often, males I teach in 6th grade are striving to be tougher than one another, better at everything, or in some form of competition with their other male peers to feel "on top" or "cool". Although I think competition is very healthy and I love to encourage that within the classroom, it often can turn…

I always marveled at how the Duke could make a Winchester Model 92 or an Garand look like a miniature firearm.

Nothin like a pair of cowboy boots and a hat :)

American West rodeo cowboy black felt hat atop worn western boots and spurs with old ranching rope in an antique wood barn in nostalgic vintage sepia stock photography


Texan cowboy Bonner Bolton is a Tom Hardy lookalike

Professional bull rider Bonner Bolton, from Gardendale, Texas, is making waves in the fashion industry after being signed to IMG Models in May this year.

Ladies love hot coutry men

Honey, any cowboy worth his salt would never handle a rope without gloves.but you sure make some sweet eye candy.

One of my favorite things about the boot-scootin' genre is that its really good at making you feel things. It could make you feel sad, nostalgic, or like all you need is a beer and truck to make you happy. There are also some great love songs from the genre — and not just about being in love, but makin' love (that's what you call it in country speak). So if you're gonna take a roll in the hay with someone, serious or not, here are the country songs that'll get you in the mood...

30 Sexy Country Songs For Doin' It Cowgirl Style

The sexiest country songs — get the Spotify playlist now! Wedding Reception music for the country couple

Tom Selleck & Sam Elliot <3  Is there anything else to say........................Two of the greatest looking stashes

Tom Selleck & Sam Elliott - These two cowboys are right behind John Wayne for greatest TV cowboys ever.

This is classic cowboy style at its best: Denim shirt, Levis, chaps and a cowboy hat.

Discover what to wear with men’s and women’s cowboy and cowgirl boots. How to wear cowboy boots – the best way to wear cowboy boots men and women