Book of Structures for the Block Center

Too bad we can't have a block center any longer. Create a photo book of famous structures from around the world to use in your block center. Great for kindergarten, preschool, and homeschool classrooms! Includes a link for a free structure book!

Nature/Science: Realistic representation of nature provided. At least 3 representations should be available daily. Provider should provide opportunities to experience the natural world daily, either indoors or outdoors.

Creative Curriculum Objectives: 28 Have students sort object pictures by color. Discuss the different colors and how many objects of each color were found. Create a collage for each color or have the student think of another object that could be

Creative Curriculum Objectives 46 Paint the alphabet with a q-tip. This can also be done with a student's name or other word of significance. Student will control small muscles in hand to trace letters with paint. While student is completing

Creative Curriculum Center Labels.Rotation Cards

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Building Play Dough and Rock Houses

Three Little Pigs - build rock and play dough house and experiment to see if the Bad Wolf (fan or hairdryer) can blow the house down.