((Closed rp)) He played down next to me and fell asleep, arms wrapped around my neck. I sigh and smile as I pull out my 3DS and start to play games, waiting for him to wake up

Anime couple, girl with a game and guy sleeping i love this and i wish this would happen yo mee! <<< Okay i'm like sure that they are both boys and about sure that they are Aquarius and Sagittarius from starry sky

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fairy tail natsu and lucy xxx - Cerca con Google

A Belieber and Justin Bieber. These are the kind of drawings I love. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind if the Beiber drops dead, but I love the pictures

40 Cute Cartoon Couple Love Images HD

40 Cute Cartoon Couple Love Images HD

express your exact mood with these so-adorable and cute cartoon couple love images HD.

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dream a little dream by *burdge-bug (couple,love,drawing,pencil,kiss)

Adorable...The guy is sooo Cute!

If the situation in the first one ever comes along, take me when I'm walking away and just restrain me from trying to escape. Make me sit in your lap till I forgive you ~ c.