(: cute cartoon couple!

A Belieber and Justin Bieber. These are the kind of drawings I love. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind if the Beiber drops dead, but I love the pictures

Cartoon wedding invitations tuck in neatly between these two ends of the ‘wedding invite spectrum,’ and are a really cute way of making your wedding invite stand out and reflect everything that you stand for.

10 Super Adorable Cartoon Wedding Invitations For The Fun Loving Couple

Here's our cartoon version again :) But I think that maybe a wedding invite needs to be a bit more fancy. However, if we could add a small cartoon wedding version of peter and I to the invite in some way (maybe on the back?

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Love Cute Cartoon Little Couple iPhone se wallpaper

(Open Rp: I need someone to be him. We met when we were in high school but started dating in college. We decided to move into together. I now am a waitress and you are in a punk band. My name is Riley but you can choose your name.

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