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PLEASEEEI really want that special someone at least by Cuddle,show affection,let's be goalsss together❤❤❤


It's super cute Hugging Cuddling Sleeping Relationship Must do this with a future boyfriend

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"That's how we were on the way back from the trip before we stopped." (Meriel's Insta) "Sleeping on a road-trip with RoS.

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Cuddle up in bed. Take a nap, sleep together at night. Feeling in tune with your partner plays a huge role in keeping things fresh and fun! So in tune & loving it

Relation ship

My parents don't play that shit. Lol <<< I don't have black parents but my parents would murder me if they caught me laying in the same bed with a guy before I'm 18 XD

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Pinterest: banhthixim12344

airplane - scene inspiration for bestselling author Angela M. Shrum's upcoming novel, A Burst of Flames (Flares)

this will be us on long flights. "babe this flight is so freaking long im ready to strangle someone" "shhh come here" .