Hands On Bible Teacher: Best Friends: David and Jonathan

I am EXTREMELY excited! My excitement stems from the fact that this upcoming Sunday begins my NEW Quarter with the KIDDOS.

David and Jonathan Word Search Activity for Sunday School

This free, printable word search, based on 1 Samuel can help teach kids the value of friendship. It can be used in a homeschool setting, one-on-one, or in a classroom setting like Sunday School.

Mini bow and arrow. This was fun! I made these with my Sunday school when we learned about David and Jonathan's friendship.

Cupids Bow and Arrow! LOL Popsicle stick bow and arrow! Soak the stick in water for a few hours, bend, tie string into grooves, cut q-tips with a small groove and shoot!

A great Sunday School craft on friendship, first day of school, last day of school, birthday parties!

A Fruit Loop Friendship Bracelet - Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

1 Samuel 20 David and Jonathan Kids Spot The Difference: Can your kids spot the difference between these two David and Jonathan illustrations? Featuring vibrant artwork this David and Jonathan activity is perfect for your upcoming 1 Samuel 20 lesson.

8 images found in 1 Samuel 20 David and Jonathan Bible Lessons for Kids. The story of Jonathan Warns David from 1 Samuel 20 tells the story of loyal friendship between David and Jonathan.

Everyone wants to be a friend. What does that look like? Use the story of David and Jonathan to help our children understand true friendship. {Growing in Godliness Series} ~ futureflyingsaucers.com

Being a Best Friend {David and Jonathan Bible Lesson

David and Jonathan Lesson about Friendship

This free lesson plan tells the story of David and Jonathan's friendship. Includes lesson explanation and suggested learning activities.