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Absent Father Quotes to Help You Become a Better Parent

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my baby daddy really ain't shit , I don't know how you can continue to hide from your own fresh & blood 🖕

when your child means more than some dumb man does! Every word! The kids hurt in the end and over my dead body will I let you hurt him again! It is my job to protect him from anyone and I will do so till the end!

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I can't stand when I hear men complain about paying child support, it costs so much to raise a child. Kids are not cheap.

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Not funny, its sad that some men/women just don't "get it". Always remember, deadbeat can be a mother, too. Not all single dads are deadbeat dads.

Go ahead and act like Dad-of-the-Year on Facebook, but don't forget, some of us know you in real life.

Seriously, this is the ex. He goes all poor me, but yet was able to afford trips all over Europe while telling our son that he wished he could come visit but mommy was taking all his money.

Define deadbeat Dad: 1. See kids at their Convenience 2. Doesn't pay child support 3.Takes credit on how great the kid is! ASS! You had nothing to do w/ it

If the whiny ass muslims are going to report all of our pins showing the truth about their 'religion', then we should do the same to theirs. Report all muslim pins.


14 Takeaways for Fatherless Sons

"One thing that prevents a man from being a good father is he hasnt completed being a boy." Hmmm such a true statement. I'm glad my kid have a great father!

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Sometimes blood really is thicker than water. A special thank you to everyone who has always been there for me.

A 'Thank You' Letter To My Absent Father