Layne Staley, Demri Parrott and friends

Layne Staley, his girlfriend Demri Parrot (front in colourful top), friends Laura and Deb Murphy and Damon Stewart.

demri parrott

Demri Parrott was a creative and beautiful women, best known by music fans as the girlfriend of Alice in Chains front man Layne Staley.

Long brown hair, brown eyes, short, mouthy and likes to roam cemeteries... Sounds like someone I know

Demri Parrott, aspiring model and one-time fiance of Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley, Graveyard Glam in a silk slip

Demri Parrott

Layne Staleys girlfriend and true love. She was an amateur model and died in

Dancin' in a music box, singin' in the garden

““Demri HATED being known as Layne [Staley]’s girlfriend. If I had a quarter for all the times she and I were approached with “I know you… You’re Layne’s girlfriend", and she would step back and reply.

Mad Season made an amazing album! This is the actual photo of Layne and his then fiance, Demri Parrott. It was turned into the album cover.

Layne Staley and Demri Parrot; picture that inspired Mad Season album art (by Layne)