Chebika Oasis, Tunisia. Despite the uphill trek it was great to cool down paddling in the pools. And completely deserted. Amazing!

Tozeur: el caleidoscopio del Sáhara

Umm-al-Maa, Libya  Hopefully, the people will reclaim their country...

Umm-al-Maa, Libya Umm-al-Maa, one of the Dawada [Ramla] Lakes in the Ubari Sand Sea, Libya.

The Desert Oasis Outside of Abu Dhabi

This Desert Oasis Is One Of The Least Explored Places On Earth

This sand desert at the heart of the Arabian Peninsula ranks as one of the least explored places on Earth—but there is a way you can visit.

The Crescent Lake Oasis is located about 6 kilometers south of Dunhuang city in western China. It is a wonder in the Gobi desert.

Oasis in the Gobi Desert - Gorgeous

An gorgeous oasis in the Gobi-Desert _ Egy gyönyörű oázis a Góbi-sivatagban

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The Jungalow Needs

Beaded Jute Hammock “This beaded hammock was inspired by the art of crafting jute and creating beads. The two arts combined resulted in a bedecked jute lounger, perfect for your living room or.

Jour 3 : Excursion buggy dans le désert de Huacachina

Oasis farmers have been commonly subject to extortion from nomadic raiders.

Picture of the Day: A Desert Oasis in Libya

A DESERT OASIS IN LIBYA Photograph by George Steinmetz In this jaw-dropping aerial by George Steinmetz, we see the volcanic crater of Wau al Namus (‘hole of mosquitoes’) in southern Libya