Haunted House Glass Block. I need to make one for Halloween and one for Christmas. I made one with spiked collar UGA and white lights for hubby. Great for gifts, too.

Haunted House Glass Block - Place die cut vinyl image (haunted house or other spooky images) on face of pre-drilled glass block and fill with candycorn lights. Decorate with sparkly ribbon and fuzzy spider. I purchased all craft items at my local craft

Thank you so much Nancy N. for showing me this website. They have so many AWESOME ideas for Halloween.

Halloween Decor - Get a Dollar Store Touch Light with base painted black and black marker used to add face. Jack skellington, nightmare before Christmas. Awesome for Scott's office!

One of the best payoffs off a long hike can be the beautiful scenery you get to see that others never will. An untouched tree, a beautiful meadow, or a pristine waterfall can often be hidden from everyday society’s normal pathways. The world is full of these, and today we’ll take a look at some …

16 Waterfall Pictures That Will Absolutely Take Your Breath Away

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Cool makeup ideas for Halloween Looking eyes - love the spider web and scroll looks.

Ghost Garland

31 Kids’ Halloween Projects To Build Up The Excitement For Your Little Ghosts!

Halloween kids art activity with glue resist -- Awesome for making spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns, leaves, faces, and more!

Glue Resist Art Project for Kids

This glue resist art project for kids combines the kid favorite of squeezing out glue designs with the watercolor technique of glue resist.

spider woman makeup for halloween | Make up Tutorial – Spider Web for Halloween | Makebrazil's Blog

Make up Tutorial – Spider Web for Halloween

spider woman makeup for halloween | Make up Tutorial – Spider Web for Halloween | Makebrazil's Blog

This is pretty... its hard to find a good artist that can draw beautiful girls

35 Beautiful Tattoo Sleeve Designs