African Savanna Habitat Diorama craft, links to printables of animals and stands

FREE African Savanna Habitat Diorama craft Learn about the African savanna and its rich wildlife by creating an animal-filled shoebox diorama.

A diaramma is a classroom assessment strategy because my students will present their project they did and everything they learned about the topic. These presentations can be held near the end of a unit before we have a test so that I may clear up last minute misconceptions the students have held on to.

Model scenery materials and kits to help students build dioramas, displays, other school projects and arts and crafts.


11 Rainy Day DIY Activities for Kids

Bimba Bambolina: OOAK Diorama "For LaViri- UK" Scale dolls 1:6 Blythe, Pullip, Momoko, Licca, Yo-Sd, Barbie and Monster High.

Custom Blythe & OOAK dioramas and furnitures scale Blythe, momoko, barbie, monster high .

3-dimensional paper dioramas from

Paper Diorama Masterpieces

Create your own Tatebanko Paper Art Dioramas - masterpieces in paper. Available in 4 themes:Hokusai,Van Gogh, Munch and Dali.

Miniature Amazon River Basin in a cardboard box. So cute and FUN!  #amazon #handson #homeschool

Rainforest Small World – Amazon River Basin

How to Make a Diorama for a Book Report (with Pictures)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to Make a Diorama for a Book Report

A student's book report can jump off of the printed page and launch into creativity using a diorama activity. Young students who aren't ready to write out full-length reports can use this .