DJ’s think about this before you decide to play especially for any special event. Creating a energy to connect your mind body and soul.  Experienced DJ's take you on a musical journey of the past present and near future one track at a time.

I'm so sick of fake DJs who are desperate for attention. And who did it at holes in the wall and think they are the s***. No disrespect to the one still trying to make it because those still hustlin and they're time is coming!

One of the best Raleigh DJ Services in the NC area! DJ Travis Gales plays the…

Numark NS7 DJ Controller

When A DJ Spins Everybody Wins - Music / DJ Quote -

When A DJ Spins Everybody Wins - Music / DJ Quote -

Bryan Kearney and Armin van Buuren when playing serious Uplifting

There are people who play records and there are DJ's who blow minds.

Famous DJ Quotes – Wise Words From EDM’S Best DJs #edm #djs #skrillex

K-Pop stars G-Dragon and CL star in the video for their collab with Skrillex and Diplo.

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People are addicted to different things. I'm addicted to music, not drugs.

Famous Trance DJ Quotes #djquotes #djsayings #djtips

Any aspiring musician can benefit from listening to the words of those that have come before. Here are some famous trance DJ quotes.

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The DJs that can rise above and stand the test of time are the ones who we looked to for guidance. Here are some famous techno DJ quotes.

Ask Grandma Dj quote

Ask Grandma Dj quote