Оригинальные часы — вдохновение в каждой минуте - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

I know it's not a clock. but it would look so cool on my clock wall! folded book with tiny figure - even though I don't like the idea of ruining a book. this is adorable!

J'PEUX PAS Y'A HARRY POTTER // Bienvenue sur Keewi.io - Créez et vendez vos…

I don't understand this language but all potter heads understand one another

Cette table peu offrir différentes fonction tel que un sièges pour enfants comme on peut le voir sur la photographie ou une étagère, cette objet est hybridé par ces différentes fonctions.

Mesa de Entrada para Criança ou de Alimentação ou year old child table design can be used to feeding, play and learn, children grow up, this table can be a coffee table with, as well as a place to put the book it! Japanese o-jj studio humane design.

MBN - lunettes de bois

Retour sur Maison et Objet Janvier 2015

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I love the jellyfish lights because they are very different and you don't typically see something like that in a space.

Le Ciment en décoration intérieure                                                                                                                                                      Plus

Le Ciment en décoration intérieure

Typographie #9 : Les logos ont du caractère ! | BlogDuWebdesign

Typographie #9 : Les logos ont du caractère !

Logo: This is an interesting logo because it's for a fashion designer and her name is written to look like a hanger. I don't think a real high fashion designer would actually do this for their logo, but it still looks pretty cool.

J'adore vraiment l'idée de fleurir n'importe quel objet avec des plantes grasses et des cactus !

Love the tiny car! I dont know what it is I love about the old beater cars overflowing with flowers, but I do. Since I dont think nick would ever allow me to out an old vw bug in the backyard, this may be a better option! - Gardening For You


DIY: Wooden Stools

We've admired tree-stump stools with painted tops before (see DIY: Garden Stools); we also like these side tables made from felled logs, with exteriors painted glossy white. Designer Marie-Laure Helmkampf came up with the idea for a project in Provence.

Bloomingville vaisselle et décoration scandinave

I love, love, love these, but they don't sell them in the U. The blue and grey look so cool together.

collection de petits personnages de bois par l’artisan-sculpteur taïwanais Yen Jui Lin  | MilK decoration

Wood toys

Yet again Yan Ruilin& 閻瑞麟木工創作 , creations made me gasp with joy the wonderful diversity and incredible craftsmanship is astounding.