Dorothy Hamill's Famous Wedge Haircut Photo Gallery: Dorothy Hamill in 2010

Dorothy Hamill's Famous Wedge Haircut Photo Gallery

Dorothy Hamill Photos - Figure Skater Dorothy Hamill attends the Figure Skating in Harlem's 2010 Skating with the Stars benefit gala in Central Park on April 2010 in New York City. - Dorothy Hamill Photos - 88 of 132

dorothy hamill wedge haircut | The Wedge Haircut Photos | Best Medium Hairstyle

Ah Dorothy Hamill"s wedge. This was "the" hairstyle for a generation of woman! Still love this haircut!

Dorothy Hamill's wedge haircut from the 1970's. <<--Oh yes, this is cut my mother always requested for my hair.

Dorothy Hamill's Famous Wedge Haircut Photo Gallery

Olympic figure skating champion, Dorothy Hamill, was famous for her wedge haircut.

Here we go again - almost 40 years later  dorothy hamill image - Google Search

Dorothy Hamill Still Suffers Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

Wedge haircuts for women over 60 are the perfect choice. Wedge haircut is the short on the back and the longer on the top and front with layered hair

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dorothy hamill doll My Great Aunt Em got me this for Christmas the year she finally understood that baby dolls freaked me out.but Barbie dolls were just fine :)

Dorothy Hamill 1976 Olympics... Every girl my age wanted the Dorothy Hamill haircut... and to be an ice skater ;)

Dorothy Hamill took the gold medal home from the 1976 winter Olympics in figure skating, and quickly became the most sought after skater for commercial endorsements .

Ugh - My hair!  It's come to this now.   Got to stop cutting my own hair =(

Dorothy Hamill was an ice skating sweetheart, but in her autobiography she reveals the cost of attaining Olympic gold. A Skating Life by Dorothy Hamill.

Dorothy Hamill Photo - The 2010 Stand Up To Cancer ~ Dorothy Hamill   Born July 26, 1956

Dorothy Hamill Photos Photos: The 2010 Stand Up To Cancer

Dorothy Hamill Photos - Celebrities attending the 2010 Stand Up To Cancer event at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA. - The 2010 Stand Up To Cancer

Dorothy Hamill

An Illustrated History of Figure Skating Clothes: 1976 Olympic Skating Champion Dorothy Hamill Introduced Her Famous Wedge Haircut

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