These teeny tiny hoop earrings are a wardrobe must have! Comfortable, delicate and chic, these classic hoops go with everything, and can be used as a second hole earring. Recomended for people with small and thin earlobes!!! Otherwise we suggest EA002 ( They are pretty small and you have to be patient in order to put them on. You have to open the hoop sideways to pass the wire though your pierced lobe and then close it putting it ba...

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Not the cartilage,  but the flower then   the studs

30 Cute and Different Ear Piercings

White Opal Industrial Barbell Piercing Upper Double Ear Piercing 14 Gauge

White opal industrial barbell piercing for your upper ear.The surgical steel industrial barbell is 14 gauge and inches long.

Ear cuff set Fake cartilage ring Ear cuff no piercing

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I'm finally getting my second lobe piercing tomorrow! After my helix got infected I was contemplating if I should go ahead, but yay I am.

Simple, elegant and pretty. If I ever got a second piercing in my ear I'd want this.

I would get a second ear piercing just for this.

I would get a second ear piercing just for this ~ I probably already have too many piercings for this

Helix piercings - A piercing placed in the upper ear. This is quite a big section, which therefore can be decorated using a huge variety of earrings. It all depends on personal taste and style. Some people, for instance, choose to have one piercing while others opt for compositions made of multiple earrings. Helix piercings are extremely fashionable, they are often considered “elegant”, and they are loved by both boys and girls.

50 Beautiful Ear Piercings

Body piercings in the became widely popular and was used as decoration. Multiple ear piercings were popular as well as other body piercings and tattoos

Meet the prehistoric friend who just wants to hang out (on your ears).

Single Dinosaur Earring Sterling Silver mismatched Black Friday Sale Personalized Teen Gift for Kids Christmas Rose Gold personalized gift

Cool Ear Piercing Ideas - Industrial Barbell - Heart Arrow Scaffold Bar - Double Leaf Earring Lobe Studs -

Qupid Heart Arrow Industrial Barbell Piercing

Product Information Product Type: Straight Barbell Surgical Stainless Steel Gauge Size: 14 Gauge Wearable Barbell Length: Red Heart Valentines