Paddles Up Dragon Boat Rowing Paddler Personalized by 3littlegems, $30.00

Paddles UP Dragon Boat Necklace/ paddle boat Necklace/ Aqua Blue/ Dragon Boat Jewelry/ Gift for Dragon Boater/ Dragon Boat Team Gift

Paddles UP Dragon Boat paddle boat Necklace with paddle charm and aqua blue crystal

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Dragon boat festival Bymamalaterre will be one part of Seaside market at Stanley plaza. Will prepare card making activity for everyone 😊😊 Hope to see you there.

I watched this video like 100 times so I wouldnt look! Dragon Boat Paddling Technique - YouTube

In this video, our Cigna dragon boat team captain Benjamin will show us the paddling technique, stroke technique and sitting position that give you a basic i.

The DB paddle stroke: A good break-down! Unlike canoeing and kayaking, Dragon boating utilizes a special "forward stroke" technique, where all paddling takes place ahead of the paddler's spine. This technique is comprised of at least 4 motions. Historical note: Canoeing and kayaking are only a few hundred years old, while dragon boat paddling is 2000 years old.

The DB paddle stroke: A good break-down! Unlike canoeing and kayaking, Dragon…


Color inspiration from a Chinese dragon boat for your beautiful Asian-themed wedding

Dragon Boat – Live like you paddle. Mug

Dragon Boat – Live like you paddle. Mug

Hornet Dragon Boat Paddle DS12

Hornet Watersports' Dragon Boat paddle is IDBF approved and made of carbon fiber.

Finding fitness serenity on a dragon boat

Finding fitness, serenity on a dragon boat - Fitness Gear

Interested in registering a team in this year's Dragon Boat Festival? Call us! 632-5497

The Annual Tampa Bay International Dragon Boat Races took place in Tampa on Saturday.

Dragon Boat, by Belinda Ivey

Portfolio of the Week - Belinda Ivey

Attended a Dragon Boat camp today. As a newcomer, they put me in the back, which sucks, because you can't create as much torque as you can in the middle of the boat. Still, was fun to be part of a team whose sole purpose is working together.

Dragon Boat by BIG_John                                                       …

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat by BIG_John …

A_Frame analysis during an off-season pool practice session

These tips are designed to give you information in advance about dragon boat racing so that you may get the most out of your training sessions.