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Animal tattoos. I don't have any coloured tattoos but i'm loving some of these. Especially the dogs.

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Mehndi Influenced Elephant Thought Of Randi-- Add some colors and this would definitely be one of my elephant tattoo choices

I think this with a little altercation might be the winner for my inner forearm...

Pattern Elephant, Black and White, Black and White Digital Art Print of an Original Fine Art Line Drawing (might be a tattoo idea)

Unique Black Tribal Elephant Tattoo Design

Free vector collection of animals silhouettes art vector graphics pack illustrator brushes, Vector Wallpaper Backgrounds, Silhouettes and more.

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Something like this only a sun and a moon design on the elephant

Elephant tattoo

20 Reasons Why You will Want to Get an Elephant Tattoo Elephants are revered for their memory, sense of sympathy, cleverness, and wisdom! We’ll look at their meaning and check out tons of Elephant Tattoo Designs Eyebrow Makeup Tip

Tribal Elephant: Devotion, commitment; known for their memory, but they have another very important characteristic: socializing. Thus a newborn is greeted and grown with commitment and dedication by every member of the herd. The spiral is a symbol of eternity and the unfolding fern frond is a symbol borrowed from Maori culture to symbolize a new life.

I finally decided what elephant tattoo I’m going to get. Before summer ends I’ll have the first elephant. Just the outline, but I’m going to have the artist add a tusk like the black one.