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TV posters - Family Guy posters: Family Guy poster featuring Stewie dressed in trademark dungarees and rubbing his hands together.

Big fan

Big fan

(not only Supernatural. Death is great in practically every piece of fiction- Discworld, The book thief.

True words!!!!!! ;) I am nice until you ruin it for yourself!

Don't piss me off! I bottle that shit up & you don't want to be the one who gets it when I snap! most are to irrelevant to be mean to, I just laugh.

Men- Lead household, care about money, being reckless, drinking, and women, spend free time doing illegal things behind wives back ( basically supports negative stereotypes of men) Women- if they are not ugly they are dumb, hyper sexualized, do all the nurturing and cleaning.

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Family guys season 12 episode Move that surprised and shocked fans, family guy killed off. Family guy's twelfth season began airing on fox on september

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Farewell letter from

well,i’d love to stay & chat,but you’re a total bitch

“It’s their job to clean up after us.” | Community Post: 13 Things Sales Associates Absolutely Hate Hearing

"It's their job to clean up after us."

List of Funny stewie griffin quotes from series 'Family Guy' stewie griffin is a main character from the animated television series Family Guy.A collection of quotes of Stewie Griffin in the tv show Family Guy.