Her tail looks like a fan

New Zealand's Fantail 'Rhipidura Fuliginosa', a small graceful bird famous for fanning out their beautiful long tails!

New Zealand Fantail bird stamp    Google Image Result for http://www.teara.govt.nz/files/ps12491nzp.jpg

The Piwakawaka

New Zealand, penny. This stamp depicts the fantail (or 'piwakawaka' in Maori) bird. The bird's name derives from its beautiful tail of twelve feathers, which broadly expands as the bird flits about.

New Zealand fantail. North Island pied morph adult showing fanned tail . Mid-North, Northland. Image © Jenny Atkins by Jenny Atkins www.jennifer-m-pics.ifp3.com

New Zealand fantail. North Island pied morph adult showing fanned tail . Image © Jenny Atkins by Jenny Atkins www.

Inked Fantail

This was part of a series that was commissioned. Each of the New Zealand birds…

Tui, at Tiritiri Matangi Island - photo by Serendipity Photography by mslynnf, via Flickr

The tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) is an endemic passerine bird of New Zealand. It is one of the largest members of the diverse honeyeater family. It is an important pollinator of many native trees.

New Zealand Fantail (Rhipiduridae family) weighs 8g-- Fantails are small insectivorous birds of Australasia, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent- Only three genera in this family: Rhipidura (FANTAILS), Lamprolia (SILTAIL), & Chaetorhynchus (PYGMY DRONGO).

This amazing little creature, the New Zealand Fantail, weighs 8 grammes. Fantail by TriPodRoD. My fav lil bird

NZ Artist Mandy Hague.  This picture captures our walk this morning with the fantails flitting about everywhere

This picture captures the way that fantails flit about you. Very cheeky little birds.