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m Sorcerer portrait Sorca, Mage of the first Seal by SimonPape. Too much power corrupt possessed

Aurelia Covingham, Fifth in the Covingham Dynasty, Queen of Azure and her Three Seas, Protector of the Realm

The Fourth Lady was eternal, face frozen in disdain on canvas. Pity an assassin had made short work of her. (The Lotus, Ina Wong - Artstation)

I always have trouble thinking of jobs for my characters... which would explain why right now my protagonist is unemployed...<<< Same here! I made mine emotionally unstable just so she could remain jobless, and I ended up changing the plot.

Reference - 100 jobs for fantasy characters - evelynatthecircus: “ lauraharrisbooks: “ Beyond this, consider how these professions might vary depending on who the customers are - nobles, or lower class.

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Learn the mechanics of Environment Design & Concept Art for Video Games in a workshop in Paris with Sylvain (Tohad) Sarrailh, Senior Concept Artist.

MZLoweRPP verified link on 6/20/2016 Source: Artist's page on Artist: Maxime BiBi Artist's Title: Forest Palace

Love this magical elf forrest city with a huge river running through it Artist: Maxime BiBi Artist's Title: Forest Palace

Let No Soul Harbor Guilt (Dragon Age Inquisition | Inquisitor Synneve Lavellan | DW Rogue | Tempest | The Strength) by on @DeviantArt

cyrail: “ Let No Soul Harbor Guilt by katorius Featured on Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day better ”

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Returning to the Jungle: The Artwork of Dawid Planeta

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