This set of maps was a commission for a kickstarter pen and paper RPG setting project. As usual, it's digitally hand-drawn in PS, each map is US Letter size.PLASSE 2015 - All rights reserved

Slyrn by MaximePLASSE on deviantART

This is a first map commissioned for an online fantasy game project. The map is digitally hand-drawn in Photoshop. © 2014 - All rights reserved.

Castle cliffside town, the entire town is protected by the large castle wall on the right and the sheer cliff face protects the town from the left providing efficient access through the lake passing through.

Fantasy town illustrated for map pack

New Map Pack - The Iconic Town

New step-by-step guides with some requests included - Imgur

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How to use Hatching to Show Elevation on a Map - a quick three step tutorial on hatching for dungeon maps.

How to use Hatching to Show Elevation on a Map

Elevation can be difficult to show on a top down map. Here's my process for a simple pen and ink method to show elevation on a dungeon map.

Village Map 001 - Paratime Design |

Village Map 001 - An unstocked, 'Old School' village map for use with any Fantasy based RPG. Need a village map but don't have the time to

Quick tutorial on coastlines. It's easy to stop at step 1, but with only a little extra work you can get something that looks really good. #fantasy #map #tutorial #fantasticmaps

How to Draw Coastlines on a Fantasy Map

Lands of Aelwyn - fantasy map commission-aelwin.jpg

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