Fate/Zero~ Three Kings. King of conquerors/rider/Alexander the great, King of Heroes/archer/Gilgamesh, and, best of all, King of knights/saber/Arturia pendragon

Fate/Zero~ King of Conquerors (Rider), King of Heroes (Archer), and King of Knights (Saber)

Fate/zero, Saber (Fate/stay night), Silhouette, Magic

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Fate Zero - Kariya Matou,  Sakura Matou, and Berserker

Fate Zero - Kariya Matou, Sakura Matou, and Berserker -- I'm halfway through the series and I really want him to win or at least have a happy ending! Doubt it will happen though :(

Fate/zero crew

Day Best Animation: Fate/Zero is just beautifully put together to me. I loved the animation in Cowboy Bebop, Fate/Zero is a step up. If Cowboy Bebop's animation had to be anything else it would have to be Fate/Zero's.

the dream fades before dawn by feeshseagullmine.deviantart.com on @deviantART

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Fate/Zero - Berserker

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Saber & Lancelot

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