208 Most Inspiring Quotes on Life Love Happiness 10

208 Most Inspiring Quotes on Life Love Happiness

208 Most Inspiring Quotes on Life Love Happiness 10

This is amazing and so true! I hate people who feel the need to YELL and SCREAM to get their point across!

PAPA The Man and The Legend

I always tell my children, "When you yell people stop listening to what you are saying and only hear the tone of your voice." Improve your argument.

*SWOOOOON* | "Best thing you could probably do as a father is make sure they see how you love their mother."

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Oh, God, thank you for being my dad... I need one. I need one really, really badly... I miss mine, God. If he's there, can I ask You to tell him I miss him?

This is so awesome I have a copy on my bedroom door and when people come over they almost always ask what does that mean which is a great time to share the gospel and tell people how awesome my Savior is

Become best friends with your future you...

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Become best friends with your future you...

A Father's Love... Courtney, You have a Great Dad!

A Father's Love.Happy Father's Day to our two amazing Dads, Kenneth & Steve!

I cried the entire time I watched this,so sweet.  Fotolanthropy Fotostory: Evan's Family - A Father's Love. Fred Evan's was  recovering from a double lung transplant when doctors discovered ...

Father Dying Of Cancer Walks Unmarried Daughters Down The Aisle So They Can Always Say He “Gave Them Away”

After finding out that he had only months to live, Fred Evans decided to give his daughters a special present. He walked his two unmarried daughters down the aisle and gave them his blessing for their future marriages.

You absolutely did! < xo > ❤❤❤

We all have some degree of love in our hearts. Does it overflow ? Only when first filled with that endless supply of love, our most Holy loving Creater, Father, Lord God !

When a father loves his wife with all of his heart, he gives a great example to his children. Your wife should be a priority over your work, your self and your kids. Why? Because love is the most important thing in life. And believe me when I say that if you put love first in your life then everything else in your life will be blessed.If you love her unconditionally it will come naturally to satisfy her needs, to listen to her; you will always want to please her. In return she will make you…

A father's love for his wife is the first example of a loving relationship children will experience.

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It doesn't matter if you have a wonderful step dad or not. 14 years of wishing for your real one to love you damages a girl