Star Wars lego FUN for kids!  This is a great twist on the class baking soda and vinegar experiment...who knew learning could be so fun?!

This is Such an Awesome Star Wars LEGO Science Idea!

A great activity for little Star Wars fans! Use a chemical reaction to save Han Solo (and his Star Wars buds) from the "carbonite"! Science and sensory fun! Extra Star Wars & Lego activities at bottom

LEGO Frame Art  Han Solo & Princess Leia  by GeeksAndNerdsStudio

LEGO I love you I know Star Wars Princess Leia & Han Solo Framed Art - Star War Wedding - LEGO Minifigure Display - Wedding Gift

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LEGO Star Wars.  Storm troopers exercising.  lego-star-wars-figurine-photography-30

LEGO Star Wars photography by Storm TK431


LEGO Star Wars photography by Storm TK431

Korean photographer Storm had fun staging the LEGO Star Wars figurines in situations rather unusual.

LEGO Star Wars 2013 Minifigure Gallery

LEGO Star Wars 2013 Minifigure Gallery--had to pin this for Brody--he will love…

Don Darth Vader as a Lego figurine on the groom's boutonniere to playfully showcase his Star Wars fandom.

17 Unique Ways to Personalize the Boutonniere

An arrangement of blooms aren't his only option for your wedding day. Get inspired by these stylish boutonnieres.

star-wars-ideas-kids-wall, you could make this with any action figure! So awesome!

star wars kids room ideas

Star Wars Lego Mini Figures 'Millennium Falcon' Crew Framed wall art - Cute idea for toys Child wants to keep but doesn't actually play with anymore.

32 new LEGO Star Wars sets and a poster of facts all fans should know

New Lego sets feature characters and vehicles -- including a giant TIE fighter and Slave I -- from the "Star Wars" movies, games and TV shows. Plus a fun poster celebrates "Star Wars" Lego.

An Artist makes Lego Star Wars magic!

Lego Star Wars Figures In Real Life Situations [11 Pics]

Mike Stimpson a.a Balakov is in love with Star Wars, LEGO and photography. After a first series we published "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.