Finding Nemo. AAAHHHH THERE IS NOTHING TO BE SAID! It gets 6⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dory stop! (dark abyss) Dory: Hey, am I dead? Marlin: No, Dory, you're not dead. Dory: Are you my concious? Dory is my role model! just keep swimming is my life motto!

Directed by	Andrew Stanton  Produced by	Graham Walters  Screenplay by	Andrew Stanton  Bob Peterson  David Reynolds  Story by	Andrew Stanton  Starring	Albert Brooks  Ellen DeGeneres  Alexander Gould  Music by	Thomas Newman Release date(s)	May 30, 2003

Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. We swim, swim.- Dori, From Finding Nemo

Pixar Finding Nemo concept art

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Author: Mark Cotta Vaz Published: April 2003 Publisher: Chronicle Books Pages: 160 Forewords by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton The Art of Finding Nemo celebrates their talent, featuring concep.

" The colour script is an early attempt to map out the colour, lighting, emotion and moods"--That's why I'm going to start using color scripts!

Colour scripts serve a functional purpose in animation. Due to the nonlinear production process of computer animation, the director needs all the clues he can get as to what the finished image might.

LOL! No wonder my kid doesn't hardly like any movies-talk about traumatizing!

The sad truth of a nursery rhyme

Just keep swimming

I love this quote from Finding Nemo. It’s from the part where Dory is trying to cheer up Marlin and tell’s him when life’s got you down you’ve gotta just keep swimming. (Love it and it is so true. No matter what, ya gotta JUST KEEP SWIMMING)

Finding Nemo - concept art

A lot of the early drawings are really wild and crazy, just to stir up our imaginations. For instance, this one with DORY and Marlin created for Finding Nemo.