Patricia Nixon - 1969 Karen Stark for Harvey Berin double-faced satin gown and matching embroidered cropped jacket.

History's Most Fashionable First Ladies

Former First Lady Pat Nixon was born today in She passed 1 year before her husband Richard Nixon in

Laura Welch Bush: One of America’s Most Popular First Ladies

Laura Welch Bush: One of America's Most Popular First Ladies

First Lady Laura Lane Welch Bush, WIKI, wife of President George Walker Bush

The First Lady Michelle Obama - What a brilliant / classy / amazing person

I chose Michelle Obama a a style icon because she is the first to reinvent the style of the First Lady since Jackie Kennedy. She dares to show more skin than previous first ladies while maintaining class.

First Ladies' Dresses at the Smithsonian. I saw this and spent a ridiculous amount of time looking! How the First Ladies dresses have evolved with First Lady Obama...

American History Museum - This was my favorite exhibit @ the Smithsonian - it's the gallery of first ladies' inaugural gowns.

Nancy Reagan, passed away on 3.6.16. She will be buried next to her husband Pre. Ronald Reagen

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dead at 94

Official White House portrait of Grace Coolidge, posing with her dog, Rob Roy. My favorite of the First Lady portraits.

Famous presidential pooches

Howard Chandler Christy – Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge, Wife Of President Calcin Coolidge, and First Lady from With Her dog Rob Roy.

Ellen Wilson, 1860-1914 ~“I am naturally the most unambitious of women and life in the White house has no attractions for me.”~~Woodrow Wilson’s first wife was the only professional artist to become first lady. After her death in the White House, her husband married Edith Wilson, a direct descendant of American Indian princess Pocahontas.

Ellen Wilson :: National First Ladies' Library " I am naturally the most unambitious of women and life in the White house has no attractions for me.

Letitia Christian Tyler, wife of John Tyler, 10th president, died while he was in office.  She had suffered a stroke prior to his presidency but was able to conduct business from her bedroom suite.  She was a first lady for about one and a half years.

First Lady Letitia Christian Tyler, BIO, wife of President John Tyler. First Lady 1841 - 1842 Letitia's tenure as First Lady ended with her death. She was the first of three First Ladies to die during her incumbency and in the White House itself.