Flower of life Tattoo....make it more of a sunflower with FoL in the middle. Yes.

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mandala flower of life tattoo that has the look of a medieval ...

This mandala tattoo design has a stem and leaves, making it into a true flower of life tattoo. The art style and darker colors give this tattoo a medieval effect, as though it has popped off the page of an illuminated text.

Sacred Geometry's Seed of Life and pictured inside the flower of Life | #SacredGeometry #HeiligeGeometrie |

Flower of Life Apparel - Limited Edition

... 25 Flower of Life Tattoo Designs (8) ...

this the "flower of life"(pattern), i think its beautiful and could be something you can use as a background to your more prominent tattoos

Flower of life/metatrons cube.    Dillon Forte, Sri Yantra Oakland CA. (www.DillonForteTattoo.com)

Right knee tattoo - Flower of life, metatron's cube. Metatrons cube is said to act as a template from which all life springs. Also considered a holy glyph used to ward off evil spirits