Frangipanier (Plumeria), fleur des temples - Arbuste du jardin

Frangipanier (Plumeria) : fleur, bouture, culture, entretien de l'arbuste

Propagating Frangipanis and Plumerias

Propagating Frangipanis - how to propagate frangipanis both from seeds and from cuttings.

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No idea what this plant is, but I love the look of it and everything about this little outdoor corner.

Plumeria, which is a native to Brazil, Caribbean and Central America, comes in several varieties. It belongs to the dogbane family, Apocynaceae and is known for its mesmerizing scent and beauty. Plumeria has medium size flowers which come in a variety of vibrant colors like pink, red, yellow and more.

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I love the fragrance of Plumerias~~The Look of Spring ~ Frangipani by Renee Doyle~~

Seeds & Seedlings

Seeds & Seedlings

Evergreen Frangipanis - Plumeria pudica hybrids

Evergreen Frangipanis - Plumeria pudica hybrids