Free Cross Stitch Pattern Maker- love this

Used this to make a new cross stitch pattern. Downside is that it requires a lot of colors to be clear. Upside is that it can be whatever you want.

And She Games...: 21 FREE Super Mario Cross Stitch Patterns

Here's a round up of twenty-one free cross stitch patterns of Mario and his pixelated pals. * Mario and Luigi pl.

The Sequin Turtle: Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Some good friends of ours recently found out that they are sure they& having a girl, and we are so excited for them!

This beautiful free cross stitch pattern of a peacock feather is one of many…

Shop Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitch patterns designed by Dana Batho, featuring subversive cross stitch patterns, floral designs, and cross stitch wall art.

cute little fox free cross stitch pattern

Fox Cross Stitch Pattern Free fox cross stitch pattern (suitable also for melty-beads etc).